A challenge to the authenticity of the Channel 4 doco

A concerned reader sent me this very carefully reasoned letter that she sent to the UK Foreign Secretary William Hague, explaining what he might not have noticed about the Channel 4 “Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields” documentary. Out of concern for her safety, I have not included her name here.

20thJune 2011

Dear Mr Hague,

Re:      “Sri Lanka’s killing fields” by Channel4

I understand that you have called for Independent Investigations against Sri Lanka for alleged war crimes committed as depicted in the above video broadcast by Channel 4.

However, as a layperson who watched this video clip just once, I have made the following observations that suggest this video is fake.

1st Incident – The incident where a Tamil Tiger commander was tied to a coconut tree and his throat slit by a knife.

The moment I saw this footage I said to myself “no, this can’t be true; there’s something wrong somewhere”.  There is no way our soldiers are capable of committing such horrific acts.  Shooting a terrorist with a gun is one thing; slitting the throat with a knife, no way.

Then I made the following observations on that footage:

(a)            In this incident, only below the knees are shown of the alleged soldiers. It raised suspicion. Then I noticed that

(b)            One of the alleged soldiers was wearing flip-flops and another was wearing trousers about 6 inches above the ankle which made me very suspicious.  Sri Lankan Army is a professional Army who wore professionally tailored uniforms.  It would be very hard to believe that Sri Lankan soldiers would wear such badly made uniforms and wear flip-flops while on duty.  It raised even more suspicion.  Then I noticed something even weirder and said to myself “hang on………”

(c)            That man was draped in a Tiger flag (Tamil Eelam flag) after he was killed.  That raised serious suspicions.  We all know that we embrace a flag because we’re so proud of that flag.  So, the Army draping the dead body with a Tiger flag, no way.

I can say without a doubt that this was an assassination carried out by the Tamil tigers themselves on one of their colleagues who had committed  a crime in their eyes         (ie: passing information on to Sri Lankan Army, not obeying leader’s orders etc). The LTTE are well known for killing people in such barbaric manner in order to send a strong message to the would be offenders that they would meet the same fate if they committed such offences.

(d)            Finally, the most important observation.  If you watch the whole clip you can see Sri Lankan soldiers many times throughout the video.  I’m sure you would have noticed that Sri Lankan Army uniforms are quite professionally tailored.  Even the fabric of the uniform is cotton rich and of higher quality.  This is quite visible in the video.  Now if you look at the uniforms worn by the alleged soldiers involved in this incident and the uniform worn by Tamil tiger Colonel Ramesh (a senior Tamil Tiger commander alleged to have been killed by the Army after captivity) in the video, they both look pretty much the same; the fabric of the uniform has a rather polyester effect than cotton effect.  Also they don’t look very professionally made.  It is quite clear that the uniforms worn by Tamil tiger colonel Ramesh   and the alleged soldiers involved in this incident belong to the same army (Tamil Tigers) whereas the uniforms worn by the Sri Lankan Army are completely different to the uniforms worn by Tamil tiger Colonel Ramesh and the guys involved in the “slitting the throat” incident.

This is a very clear indication (in my opinion) that this hideous act was carried out by the Tamil Tigers themselves.  This proves that this video was made as part of propaganda by the Tamil Tigers and Channel 4 must be held responsible for, for broadcasting a video that consists of fake footage (in this case a crime committed by Tamil Tigers themselves and allege that it was committed by the Sri Lankan Army) which is extremely damaging to Sri Lanka.

Please note that the above observations made by me have been verified by my colleague (who is not Sri Lankan), so I can confidently say that my observations are sensible/logical and as such extremely important in proving that this video is a cooked up one.

If it’s proven that even one single cooked up event is included in this video then, that questions the authenticity of the whole video and as such we cannot give any credibility to this whole Channel4 video.

Therefore, I urge the Foreign Secretary to watch the clip again (preferably on a larger screen) and raise this issue in Parliament and with Channel 4 bosses.


2nd Incident – The scene where people take refuge in a trench so as to avoid being caught in a bomb explosion.

Another staged scene.  The sub-titles as appeared on the clip are copied below for easy reference.

*           Don’t take the video

*           Please get in the bunker

*           What are you going to do with the video?

*           (We can’t hear the response of the person who is recording the scene.  Probably he gave a hand signal. Then suddenly they started screaming)

*           They are killing everyone

*           Please God save all the children ……. (and then they say)

*           Can you hear us??? (that’s funny.  What exactly do they mean by “can you hear us?  Is it “Are we screaming loud enough to be picked up by the video recorder)

Any sensible person would realise straight away if they paid enough attention to this clip, that this was another staged act.

Further, I would like to know why foreign media and the West are so interested in showing the world what happened only in the last 6 months of the war.

The war between the Tamil Tigers and the Government of Sri Lanka started as long ago as 1983 and since, reportedly nearly 100,000.00 people have been killed.  When nearly 100,000 people have been killed during a period of more than 26 years, why is it that channel 4 and the West are focusing their attention only on what happened in the last 6 months of the war.

So many Sinhalese and Muslim civilians were killed by Tamil Tigers in broad day light since 1983, but no foreign media ever bothered to report such hideous crimes.  Why???  Let me give you a few examples of Tamil Tiger atrocities against Sinhalese civilians

(a)        Massacre of 150 innocent civilians at Anuradhapura Temple (Tamil Tigers barged in and shot dead the innocent unarmed civilians praying in the temple)

(b)        Mutilation and killing of hundreds of innocent Sinhalese and Muslim civilians living in border villages [in the course of the expansion of LTTE territory (the “Tamil Eelam”), the innocent Sinhalese and Muslim civilians living in border villages were hacked to death by the Tamil Tigers]

(c)        Killing of 600 unarmed Police constables who surrendered to the LTTE

(d)        Driving an explosives-laden truck into the multi-storey “Central bank” building that resulted in the death of hundreds of people

(b)        Killing of hundreds of innocent civilians on busses, bus stations, trains and train stations, by planting parcel bombs and by suicide bombers.

These are only a few incidents out of hundreds carried out by the Tamil Tigers directly against non Tamil civilians in Sri Lanka.

This proves that foreign media is as always bias.  They only want to show the world what they (media) want the public to see.  They think they can make or break anyone. That culture has to change.  Media must act responsibly like any other.

It’s no secret that the LTTE bribe officials including journalists in the West to get support for their cause.  LTTE members have been even prosecuted in the USA for trying to bribe US State Department officials.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not alleging that Channel 4 has been definitely bribed by the LTTE, because I (a member of public) don’t have evidence to substantiate my allegation.  However, it does not stop me wondering if this is the case.  Like I said it’s a common practice by the LTTE.  Evidence has substantiated that even Sinhalese journalists have been on the LTTE pay roll.

I would now humbly request the Foreign Secretary to give serious consideration to the contents of this letter and (a) raise this issue with Channel 4 bosses, (2) state these findings in Parliament and (3) take steps to make these findings widely public.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter.

Yours sincerely,


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