Gordon Weiss is a writer, speaker and documentary maker on international affairs. He worked for the United Nations for twelve years.

His perspective was forged over two decades as a journalist, aid worker, and international civil servant in numerous notorious hotspots such as Afghanistan, Angola, Bosnia, Guatemala, Haiti, Indonesia, Israel, Kosovo, Nepal, Pakistan, Tajikistan, and Sudan.

After studying law, history, politics, military strategy, anthropology, philosophy and literature he acquired an MA in International Relations with a focus on security.

Born in Sydney to a Czech father and a New Zealand mother, he has lived in Barcelona, New York, Prague, Sarajevo, and Tokyo. He currently divides his time between Australia and various extended overseas projects. The Cage is his first published book. Visit his website here.

The Cage
The Cage is a blow-by-blow account of the destruction of Asia’s oldest democracy…”

Sri Lanka should be an island paradise. Almost alone among the post-colonial countries of the developing world, it stood poised for greatness on tthe world stage when it gained its independence from Britain in 1948, boasting stability, democracy, a judiciary and an efficient economy.

Instead, in pursuit of power and fundamentalist Buddhism, an oligarchy of Sinhalese political leaders and monks hijacked democracy. In response a ruthless enemy was born: the Tamil Tigers. The result – one of modern history’s longest civil conflicts – spawned a host of horrific innovations: suicide bombers, child soldiers, death squads, violent Buddhism, and murdered journalists.

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  1. Kusal Mihindukulasuriya says:

    Here are parts of a letter I wrote to few senators, congressmen, H Clinton and ai and hrw, which is applicable to you also, Mr. GW.

    “So, you want to investigate the so called war crimes in Sri Lanka. That’s very commendable, indeed. You are very brave in calling for this action. Let’s be really brave and call for war crimes committed against civilian Japanese by the two atomic bombs dropped on Japan by Harry Truman (D). You should call for investigating people influential in that decision along with Mr. Truman. If found guilty, charge them post posthumously. After all they used disproportionate force to end the war instead of dragging it on longer.

    I like to educate you about something about Sinhalese Sri Lankans though (instead of being conditioned by the ltte media mind meld/ media entertainment complex). Also, if there is any group that have been oppressed by another group it is the Sinhalese throughout history by many groups (mainly Tamils from India) by waves of invasion and occupation (I am using rhetoric that you love to use, so you would understand). But historically ignorant people like you would not know this. I realize that the Sinhalese don’t occupy a very high rung on the ladder of victim-hood and talking about their grievances won’t bring much political and journalistic value (in other words, all people are created equal, but talking about some peoples’ problems will earn the “most progressive badge” at the next progressive camp). Yet, they are arguably the most unique ethnic minority group in the South Asian region. Also, consider all the displaced Sinhalese, whose families were torn apart because of the ltte terror in Sri Lanka. I don’t want you to think that they should be given a higher rung on the ladder of victimhood though. The higher you go, less self reliant and more dependent the so called victim groups become and that never ends in a good way for the victim groups (except they seems to become votes for people like you). I have a feeling that the Japanese are very glad that they were not made into a victim group by the do gooders. Even though they probably should occupy the highest rung as they are the only people in the history of Mankind to have been nuked, twice.

    BTW, I find it interesting that the pro-ltte, but with life support from misguided people like you, groups always seem to link comments calling for this wild goose chase called war crimes. Also, who will be held accountable from the ltte side? May I suggest selective human rights lovers, terror enablers and misguide members of the Tamil Diaspora as the representatives/leaders of the ltte that should be investigated. They provid/ed money and support to terrorize Sri Lankans. As the fighting leadership is eliminated by the brave Sri Lankan military (how great it would be to have them as an ally in Afghanistan; tricky due to many geopolitical issues though) the leadership of the ltte really is the above mentioned entities. May be the SEC, who seems to be in an investigating mood, should check if these groups have any short orders on Sri Lankan stocks.

    To terrorism to prosper you need the physical terrorism in the form of violence and ideological terrorism. Also what is needed is a dissemination mechanism for the terror ideology. The liberal/progressive media and misguided/historically ignorant pseudo do gooders blinded by the victim-hood mentality perfect partners in the diffusion of terrorism.

    Furthermore, you are guiltyof war crimes because you believe in killing people if it’s fit your liberal orthodoxy and it’s done with consensus of the clown of an organization called the UN. What a dangerous, idea that is. I wonder how many civilians are killed in Libya by the UN mandated humanitarian military action that is undertaken to not prolong the suffering of Libyan people. Where are the numbers? You have blood on your hands, but you hide behind a humanitarian operation (wow, you do like the Sri Lankan way, what a dilemma for you). This proves that what you are interested in is not people or human right, but power, job security and your concern for human beings is only matched by your concern for an aborted fetus (which is the greatest potential human that is destroyed).

    Please note: I have to apologize profusely if you are prolife, but that irony is, I am sure is lost on you.

    To modify a line from a skit from Saturday Nite Live, “Jane, you ignorant slut” would be a insult to sluts, but here it goes: “Gordon you ignorant slut”.

  2. Great to find your blog…would love to read your book…I personally am pretty much neutral about the Sri Lankan civil war though, being an Indian, and I believe Human Rights as a concept needs to be reevaluated…as it is quite outdated. Had there been Human Rights then the NAZIs probably wouldn’t have been defeated maybe.

    Plus, Human rights can only be expected for humans. People who use suicide bombs to kill civilians, and force children to frontlines, in the name of war, or religion, can not be termed as humans I guess…but I would still love to read the other side of the arguement…

    Great work, Sir…

  3. Alisten Joseph says:

    One of the few people who come out in Public and witness the Srilankan Government Horror. I really appreicate the effort put forward by Gordon .I lived in Srilankan and know what is like .Everybody should read the panel’s report. The exact history is there except no words about India’s invlovlement.
    Tigers were forced to select ther terrorist ways because of SL attracities.
    I wish Gordon all the best for his work.

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