Causes and treatment of mental disorder

A mental disorder is a medical condition that affects once thinking, moods, and behavior. Some of the common mental disorders are: anxiety disorders, eating disorders, addictive behaviors, lack of sleep. Mental condition is one of the most feared medical disorders. Unlike other disorders, one can take care of himself. One can identify and feel any other form of the disorder. However, a mental condition is different; one is actually out of his normal senses. On top of that, the causes of mental disorders are unknown to many. The treatment is also not very common. The common causes of mental disorders are life experiences.

Causes of mental disorder

Generic inheritance

Just like any other disorder, a mental disorder can be a hereditary disease. Some family may have a recessive gene in their DNA that carries the mental disorder. The generic cause can have a wide perspective. If a close family member suffers from depression, it has been discovered that another person in the lineage is likely to affect by the same defect. It is important to note that no specific gene can be associated with causing a mental disorder.

Life events

Some life events have rendered people mentally disabled. This is most stressful and traumatic events. Some people developmental problem after such events. Many people who have been sexually abused by say, rape, have latterly developed depression and later mental disorder if adequate guidance and is not taken. Loss of close family members has also left people mentally disordered. The void left by people we love can do much harm to a person. Loss of treasured assets and properties have resulted in too many causes of mental disorders.

Health complication

Some health complications can also result in mental disorders. There are two dimensions to this. First, if one contradicts a terminal disease, the condition can affect once moods. This can result in depression and finally mental disorder. Mental disorder caused by a medical complication is likely to catch the doctor and the patient by surprise. Secondly, there is some medical condition that affects the nervous system. Once the nervous system is affected, the harm is spread to the brain. One the brain is infected, this can lead to a mental disorder.

Treatment of mental disorders

Psychological therapy

This is one of the simplest treatment of mental disorders. It involves a professional talk between a patient and a doctor. The patient speaks out on the symptoms and specific concern. Using professional judgment, the doctor will discuss the possible solution to patients’ problems. A follow up is then done.



Mental disorders can be caused by chemical imbalance in the nervous system. Where this is the case, a doctor can prescribe specific medications to a patient that will help him maintain or restore a chemical balance. Some medication can be taken for a while, and when the condition stabilizes, the patients could stop and adopt a healthy life accompanied by psychological therapies. Medication requires a lot of discipline as overdosing or under dozing may result in more harm.